December 12, 2017

We Ae the Future People of Tomorrow

Yet another bit of that '98 RKCNDY show, for my sins.

This was an "orphaned" song from that great big chunk of material that was whittled down into Love Is Dead, released on the Joe Queer-curated comp More Bounce to the Ounce a few years later. I've always been fond of it, and considering that it's kind of a one-off throw-away tune it has always seemed to punch a bit above its weight at shows and such.

How anyone can hear it and not grasp that it's a sort of parody is beyond me, but it regularly happens (though possibly some of these folks are doing it just mess with me.) On the other hand, I do stand for freedom etc. if I stand for anything and I suppose I'm opposed to oppressionism as well, and opium in your masses must suck very much indeed. So maybe... irony-proof people, we are not so very different you and I.

Posted by Dr. Frank at December 12, 2017 05:28 PM