January 25, 2018

Minor secrets of "I Just Wanna Do It with You" Revealed!!

I've already posted 15 of the 16 songs on this set individually. The remaining one is the set opener, "I Just Wanna Do It with You," and since the tape starts somewhere during the front bit of it, I'm using the occasion to post it with the whole set rather than extract the partial song. Most of it's there. Enough so you get the idea anyhow.

This is another one of those "beloved songs," a simple, arch love song that somehow punches above its weight. So many of my lyrics read like dyspeptic greetings cards, but maybe especially these. "You're the one I want to waste the rest of my whole life with..." "It's not just the Prozac talking..." (Hallmark, if you ever want to get dark, drop me a line.) The thing is, though, who hasn't felt that way? You're wasting your life anyway, why not do it with someone you love and drag each other down?

Many people have been confused by the BART reference. A folk tradition even arose positing a son of mine by that name, who for some reason could not be taken to the residence of the person to whom the song is addressed. This is not true. BART is not a person, but rather an extremely smelly form of public transportation.

I think as originally conceived in my bedroom this song was meant to echo the Beach Boys' "Do It Again" and I had imagined a more measured tempo and a groovier "swingier" feel, maybe some multi-part harmonies, maybe some droning e-bows and a piano doing single eighth notes on the C, maybe even a didgeridoo... Things can get pretty grandiose in my bedroom, then as now.

But of course, for better or worse, I didn't happen to have a didgeridoo, nor did I have a band that did measured tempos and groovy swingy feels and multi-part harmonies; but I did have a band that could do this. And, in fact, this has a lot going for it. The energy is great and apt. And pointing at the audience at the appropriate time (or should that be "inappropriate"?) was fun and people seemed to dig it.

Anyway, there you have it. Minor secrets of IJWDIWY revealed, and a good, unusually clear snapshot of the state of the MTX Starship ca. 1998. That really is pretty much what it looked and sounded like, if not exactly what it felt like.

Posted by Dr. Frank at January 25, 2018 12:57 AM