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Dr. Frank's What's-it: Comment on "Greenday has sounder political views..."
Comments: "Greenday has sounder political views..."

Note to guy playing that song: oh my god, please let off that high G-note now.

Posted by Matt R. at September 2, 2007 12:34 AM

Green Day's political stance became void when they allied themselves with Bono.

This was also the same time when I realised band tattoos were a very bad idea. I so very nearlly got a Green Day tattoo when I turned 18. Still, I'm in the process of forgiveness and forced amnesia about the whole thing.

Posted by Leah at September 2, 2007 01:29 AM

I think the fat dude is playing guitar and singing. Sucks a fat dude can do something better than you (well the singing part). Video
"montage" sucks though.

Posted by ThatDude at September 2, 2007 05:22 PM

"Hitler" also got a brief, unannounced performance on an episode of "This American Life," which I was listening to totally randomly a couple of months ago. It was this episode ( about summer camp. The "chapter" or whatever the hell Ira Glass calls it is described thusly:

David Himmel is a college sophomore, a former camper who's now a counselor. He says all the best experiences of his life have been at camp or with camp people. We follow him around and discover why. He creates songs that become camp traditions. He has his own fan club of four thirteen-year-old girls. He coaches one of the boys in his cabin when the boy wants to try and kiss a girl he likes. (7 minutes)

You get to hear David Himmel singing a few bars of "Hitler" to a group of people at camp.

Posted by Nick at September 6, 2007 04:22 AM