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Dr. Frank's What's-it: Comment on Hearth & Home & Fire Escape
Comments: Hearth & Home & Fire Escape

Glad it worked. But a Glock would be better.

Posted by Lexington Green at January 19, 2011 11:15 PM

Possibly, sir, he does not possess a cutlass. Or, Glock, rather.

Posted by Dr. Frank at January 19, 2011 11:25 PM

Shit. Wow.

Also: hahahahaha!

Posted by Matt R. at January 20, 2011 03:25 AM

You always could have called the police. Then again, maybe a long sword is a safer option.

Posted by Trey at January 20, 2011 03:38 PM

That's ballsy. What if you had had to use it? Glad it worked out. (Incidentally, that is a pretty hilarious image if it is okay to laugh at this).

Posted by josh at January 20, 2011 04:38 PM

It's not pretty hilarious, Josh. It is EXTREMELY hilarious, which is why I posted it.

Posted by Dr. Frank at January 20, 2011 07:47 PM

I think that, in the first second or so of seeing it, an intruder is going to be more scared of a sword than a gun. It's larger and more visually intimidating.

Posted by Don at January 21, 2011 10:02 AM
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