October 04, 2004

Been There, Part II

I haven't seen the Metallica Get in Touch with Their Feelings movie yet, but it sounds like a hoot, judging from the quotes contained in this flippant comparison of this film to the Spinal Tap one.


"I'm used to hearing the drummer do the ... beat part."

(via The Philosophical Cowboy.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 4, 2004 07:11 PM | TrackBack

they (metallica, not spinal tap) were on the jane pauley show last week and my boyfriend and i watched it. it was pretty, uhm, not funny, not really interesting, kind of lame and totally bland.
but the whole concept of metallica on jane pauley's talk show talking about their mental and emotional anguish was pretty amusing.
i was asking my boyfriend, what would you have thought if in the 80s you had peeked into the future and seen what would become of metallica? i don't think we would have believed it. truth, stranger than fiction. sort of.

Posted by: r a e d y at October 4, 2004 07:23 PM

Subliminal messages in Zaphod's message about Metallica's music? METALLICA was and IS very influential band and HAS BEEN a force in the record industry for a LONG time IN what seems to be THE struggle of fighting TOOTH and nail for not only respect but MONEY to show for all their hard work and fight against the fund-MONGERERS in the record industry which SUCKS the life out of the performers.This is unfortunate AND makes it hard on the folks who SHOULD love the bands for their creativity and QUIT listening to what garbage the record industry is pushing off on them.

Posted by: Zaphod at October 4, 2004 07:48 PM

You know, just KNOW back in the day Metallica made jokes about their lives being like those of the Spinal Tap characters. I think every band probably has since the film's release. Of course now the irony is that it's become a self-fulfilling prophecy for Metallica.

Posted by: TroyM at October 5, 2004 02:27 AM

Well everyone grows up, none of use are the beer swilling demin jacketed hellion we once were.
The trick is to never foret who you were. because while you don't have to keep the denim jacket, you don't want to trade them in for prada eyeglasses and $1000 haircuts.

Posted by: myke at October 6, 2004 12:04 AM

Actually, I thought the movie was pretty damn funny. A bit long perhaps, but funny nonetheless. And while it seems idiotic when read out of context, "I'm used to hearing drummers do...the beat part" was funny as hell but also the strongest argument you're likely to hear in defense of making drummers keep it simple (which they sometimes find impossible to do).

Posted by: MikeH at October 6, 2004 06:48 PM

STFU N00B!!11one!1

Posted by: eep at December 25, 2004 08:08 AM
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