July 10, 2002

Saudi diplomacy Ghazi Algosaibi, the

Saudi diplomacy

Ghazi Algosaibi, the Saudi ambassador to Britain who published that poem gloryifying suicide bombers awhile back, is at it again, reaffirming his praise of suicide "martyrs" and claiming "this is a war of occupation, far more severe than anything the Germans did when they occupied Europe in World War Two."

The remarks were made during a speech at London's Westminster University. (No indication of whether the British academy's purge of Jews has yet been carried out at this institution.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at July 10, 2002 09:12 AM | TrackBack

ghazi is my hero,
he is the saudi top official who shows commitement
and concern toward palestinian issue,
giving 0pp0rtunity i will become a suicide bomber for of my religion islam.

Posted by: ardo at January 30, 2004 10:50 PM

Dr. Frank,

Please make use of your time on more valuable issues other that critisizing something not of your consern.

PS. I am very sure that you would be a suicide bomber for what ever religion you belive in.

Posted by: None of you Business at July 29, 2004 06:06 AM