December 11, 2005

The Evil Fruits of C. S. Lewis

John F. Kennedy, C.S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley all died on the same day.

They all went to the same place.

Kennedy went to hell because he trusted in the Roman Whore.

Huxley went to hell because he trusted in himself alone and his hybrid Eastern mystic notions.

And, Lewis went to hell because he invented a new god, and he ended his life a Taoist.

We will prove it here.

That's the promise of this awesome anti-Catholic, anti-Narnia, King James Only-ist site, found by Cathy Seipp, who comments: "what we have here is a kind of strangely compelling American folk art that can't be faked."

That's for sure.

Posted by Dr. Frank at December 11, 2005 02:49 AM | TrackBack

"Clive Staples Lewis has been perhaps the single most useful tool of Satan since his appearance in the Christian community sometime around World War II. "

That's a pretty big "perhaps" there, my friend.

And that picture of Lewis's favorite pub with the madras-wearing dude in front of it immediately made me think of "Village Green."

Posted by: Nick at December 11, 2005 01:52 PM

I'm sick of Christian groups trying to attack great literature because they think it contridicts the teaching of the Church. They don't even do it nicely !

Posted by: Oliver at December 11, 2005 03:30 PM