February 02, 2006

How to Find Jack Without Falling Off the Edge of the Earth

After a long break, my long-time ally, fellow curmudgeon, partner-in-misanthropy, smart cookie, and all around good egg Tristin Laughter has revived her blog, with a post that charts the route you must navigate if you wish to buy CS Lewis's A Grief Observed at the Union Square Barnes and Noble:

After looking all around for the Lewis essay, I finally broke down and asked the customer service desk people where it was. They directed me to "Christianity" on the 4th Floor. "That's sort of weird" I thought, but, whatever. Then I got there. Between Islam and Astrology was this GHETTO little shelf called Christianity. They didn't have AGO or any of his other jillion books and essays. What the ? I wondered. Then I saw a sub-sub Ghetto section behind it called "Christian Inspiration" and bingo, there, right under a book titled "He-motions; Even Strong Men Struggle were the collected essays and novels of this great, great mind of the twentieth century. Certainly they also have a Narnia display in the kids' section; but they also had all the Narnia books here, along with the Screwtape Letters and 2 dozen other titles. I know that Jack felt inadequate in life compared to Tolkien; could he even imagine the indignity of his legacy living among the Left Behind series, right under He-Motions?
I chronicled a similar quest (deperately seeking PG Wodehouse in Borders) here. It took some doing, but I finally found him, languishing in the terrifyingly remote Games and Humor Section, lodged between a book by Al Franken about how fat people tend to have duplicitous natures and a quite plentiful supply of Mad Libs. I mean to say, eh, what? Posted by Dr. Frank at February 2, 2006 06:30 PM | TrackBack

I had no problem locating the CS Lewis section at Barnes and Noble. Mind you, I was just looking for a safe place to pass gas.

Posted by: Tim at February 3, 2006 04:55 PM

First of all, i wanna tell you guys how much i enjoy your talented music.....milk milk lemonade is the best! anyway, about God.... what about God or God's friends. i think possibly some of Genisis may be true. i don't know though and no one truely knows. but what if God created or God's friends created each of us. First off things don't just appear. cars don't just appear someone has to create or something bigger than our knowledge is out there but how do we find him/God? well i beleive we need to go by our heart or concious. giving Whatever gave us life honor and talking to HIM or IT or THE I AM.the maker of the plus and negative the maker of the battery.... i don't beleive in jesus though. God said i am who i am, no others before me. then jesus comes along. IF GOD NEVER CHANGES THE BIBLE CONTRADICTS ITSELF. i beleive the interpretations have been changed over the years. i dont know though .... just what if? what do you think?cmailme@juno.com

Posted by: chip at February 5, 2006 03:59 PM

Thanks for sharing that, Tim.

Posted by: Dr. Frank at February 5, 2006 06:17 PM