March 02, 2006

"It's hard to imagine, but while we've been busy growing up, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret has become a historical novel"

Salon's Rebecca Traister weighs in on Margaret 3K:

speaking of Margaret, it makes me a little sad to think that girls (and boys) who get to know her now don't know that she had to pick the color of her belt and learn how to operate it. It seems to me as fundamental a part of the book as the suburban house in which she grew up, the Mice Men record album she got from the Pre-Teen Sensations for her birthday, and the big curlers her mother used to set her hair the night before Norman Fishbein's dinner party for the whole class. Go back and read Margaret again. Admire the cultural stereotyping of the Fishbein house, the fashion choices of poor, sweet early ripener Laura Danker and lawn-mowing hottie Moose Freed. See if you don't feel the late '60s vibrating psychedelically from every sentence, even in the newer editions.
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So weird. Yesterday i was looking around for some info on how to lose a little gutfat. Anyway today i decided to follow the link to ben weasel's blog. Well he moved from blogspot a while ago and someone has taken his weaselmanor homepage and posted a blog about? Weight Loss! ok not so weird I guess. i heard they changed superfudge and instead of a turtle he now has a tamagatchi. or was that the 4th grade nothing?

Posted by: MArk at March 2, 2006 01:51 PM