August 24, 2006

come back now before I start forgetting your name


Tony found this letter in the Mission a couple of years ago. Transcription:

March 10, 1998

Mark [last name not transcribed] my dear Man,

Hi pumpkin pie-head! So how's the life of the emotional abuser? Don't worry I'm stable for now. Today is tues. I just walked to work and they sent me home. (hooray!) I didn't feel like working I needed a day off.

So anyway, I feel sad I'm looking through my phone list trying to find a replacement for monday. I wish you were coming in on friday it would make life so much easier, I miss you so terribly I don't even know what to do. Hurry home! I feel like you've been gone so long I'm actually getting use to you being away which isn't good. I don't like that at all.

I just got coffee at Arabica and a slice of spinich quish from Co-op it was a great breakfast. (yum!) I can't wait until your sleeping right next to me agian. It's so hard to imagine you every night next to me, I can hardly wait. Maybe we could make-out sunday night if your not too busy.

Mark I really am feeling very strange lately with my family, and close friends being so distant I just don't want you to be one of them anymore. Your supposed to be my lover, my companion across our long journey into the cruel world, we must face our destiny together. Come on, come back now before I start forgetting your name!

I wish that we were independently wealthy and could travel to many foreign lands exploring different cultures, and human behavioral patterns. Hey, we gotta make a quilt, remember. Go develop the film I gave you so we can do transfers. Maybe we could work on that, and relive our experience doing it, it would help us remember and talk about our memories. I think I need to talk about everything I saw and did. I can't wait until your back and I can float on some of those thoughts with you. It's so hard to talk about any of it with anyone at all! I keep thinking about our collaboration and I'm not able to think of anything except missing you sweet, warm kisses, I can't help but to think of how I miss you dearly.

I go to sleep everynight with my 2 pillows (one of which you always slept on) feeling sad and lonely in my heart, where is my Mark? Not here that big jerk, he'd better come to sleep soon! Cuddling is a large part of our love and, we are lacking in that area. When you come back let's just stay in bed for weeks straight. I bring some bread, water, and a toaster in my room. O.K. lover?

I love you Toad-head



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exploiting other's personal thoughts.. its kooky! (insidious giggling noises)

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