September 28, 2006

Not a Speck of Cereal on It...


John Green (of Looking for Alaska fame) has a swell new book, An Abundance of Katherines.

Remember that bloggy virtual book tour I did in the first week of King Dork's release? Well, John is doing a blog tour for Katherines, and he's really going to town on it. I mean, 19 "stops." You can find links to the stops so far on his blog. Today it's at The Answer May Surprise You (from whom or which I swiped the graphic.) Here's a good interview from a previous stop at Fuse #8.

I have nearly finished An Abundance of Katherines and it is ace. I have a special interest in and affection for sidekick characters, for some reason, and Hassan is one of my favorite ones I've come across in ages.

I was a fan of Looking for Alaska long before I knew that John Green was (and apparently still is) an MTX fan. When he blurbed my book, he mentioned that he had written me a fan letter when he was 18 or so, and that I had written back a kind of memorable note. We both tried to find it in our ancient mailboxes, and we both failed, which is a shame. Anyway, his blog tour rolls through the What's-it on Monday, Oct. 2. It will be a MTX- rock and roll- tragicbreakup-oriented booky blog event. So watch this space.

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