October 08, 2006

I'd like to thank the guy who wrote the song

That Litquake thing was - well, here's an account of it.

Everyone, including the big shots, were very friendly backstage. Everyone got a tote bag.

Dan Hicks read from The Catcher in the Rye. I could hear a few giggles from scattered, evidently King Dork-aware, people in the audience when he pulled it out, which I found kind of fun, but which seemed to puzzle him a bit.

Ray Manzarek played "Riders on the Storm," predicted that eventually we all would move to Napa to become "gentleman farmers" like him, and lamented the fact that the Aquarian Age never quite all the way came about (though he hinted that "doing the right thing" in November might give it a second wind or something.) He was a super nice guy and his hair was perfect.

I had a great time catching up with my buddy Chuck Prophet. He played a song that played with and developed the conceit of the old Barry Mann tune "Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp Bomp Bomp)" Afterwards he was chatting with Ben Fong-Torres about it and I heard Mr. Fong-Torres say that Barry Mann would love the song. "I'll send him an email about it." I don't know why the idea of Ben Fong-Torres emaiing Barry Mann about Chuck Prophet strikes me as so funny and charming. It just does.

My bit was delayed till last, and everything was running late, so I got on and off as quickly as I could. This was definitely the most PBS-y thing I'd ever done, and not only because of the tote bags, and I wasn't sure how the audience would respond. But they seemed to dig it and were laughing like crazy at the French class scene from KD and the song "I Wanna Ramone You." I was relieved. And apparently, my feet went all akimbo, like those of a puppet whose controlling strings had gone slack.

Afterwards, someone told me they heard Ben Fong-Torres singing "I Wanna Ramone You" to himself backstage. Maybe he'll send an email to Barry Mann about it. I mean, one never knows, does one?

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 8, 2006 05:28 PM | TrackBack

If you got a song stuck in Torres' head, you just might get almost famous.

Eh? Eh?

Posted by: Tim at October 10, 2006 03:09 AM

that was indeed a fun evening, and your bit was a great way to close it out. i now know a good french double entendre. thanks!

Posted by: this charming man at October 10, 2006 09:43 PM