July 24, 2009

You Win, Internet

I had to disable comments because of the spam problem I mentioned here. Usually you can just ride these attacks out and they'll die down, but this time it just got worse and worse. Deleting them was turning into a fulltime job, and I dislike having jobs. So I turned off the comments till I figure out a solution.

You should be able to read comments left on previous posts. You'll also be able to type stuff into the box, but if you click "preview" to post, it will tell you that the submission failed. (At least, that's what I think will happen.)

Sorry about that, and once again, I apologize to anyone whose comments were inadvertently deleted.

If you have burning issues to discuss, the Random House message board thing is still functional as of now. (Today is technically my last day of being "featured" there, but I think they leave them up and running, so have at and I'll try to keep checking it.)

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