December 11, 2009

Something Weedgie This Way Comes

Of the several biographies of Aleister Crowley out there, Richard Kaczynski's Perdurabo is the best by a mile, and perhaps the best book on Crowley, period. Its short initial print run sold out long ago, and since then it has been pretty tough to obtain, with paperback copies regularly trading on ebay for hundreds of dollars.

So it's great news that a revised and expanded new edition is finally being published. I'm not sure exactly what the new material is, but I assume it will include at least some of the stuff published as "Perdurabo Outtakes" by the Blue Equinox Journal in 2005 and 2006, detailing, among other things, Crowley's exploits in Detroit, which comprise a fascinating and seldom-told tale.

If you read only one book on the subject, this should be it.

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