June 08, 2011

The Department of Education Sends S.W.A.T. Team To Collect Student Loan

No kidding.


via Balko, obviously (whose link to a local news channel doesn't seem to be working.)

Update: from Matt Welch at Reason. According to Dept. of Education press secretary Justin Hamilton, the SWAT raid was part of an unspecified criminal investigation, not a late loan payment.


This will certainly come as a relief to Millenial deadbeats, but the notion that "bribery, fraud, and embezzlement of federal student aid funds" is all it takes to get a paramilitary squad to bang down your door at 6 a.m, handcuff you in your boxers, and throw your three pre-teen children into the back seat of a squad car, all in the service of a warrant aimed at someone who no longer lives in your home, is frankly every bit as terrifying.
I still can't quite get my mind around the idea that the Department of Education has the power to order these actions. Also, whatever the investigation may have been about, it didn't seem to extend to investigating the fact that the person they were looking for didn't even live there. Posted by Dr. Frank at June 8, 2011 07:20 PM | TrackBack