July 22, 2011


I don't for one second believe that the incident described here actually happened, but nevertheless, Colbert speaks for me:

Posted by Dr. Frank at July 22, 2011 02:04 AM | TrackBack


Not sure I 100% agree with the "people get nicer" part. It's a pleasant thought, though. In my experience, jerks retain the propensity for cruelty into their late twenties.

Posted by: Ro at July 22, 2011 02:08 PM

People don't get nicer. People are awful. But there's wisdom in "to thine own self be true."

Posted by: Dr. Frank at July 22, 2011 06:11 PM

So, true, except now they say, "faggot" instead of "queer" now. People definately get nicer than their high school selves. After graduation those homecoming kings become aware that their fiefdom is miniscule, welcome to the real world. ffor king dorks like Colbert, the sky is the limit.

Posted by: DT at August 3, 2011 04:09 PM