May 13, 2013


From Flavorwire, a fascinating collection of charts and outlines used by famous authors for their books.

Here's the one for Catch-22:


I used iCal for all three of my books, which obviously wouldn't be at all suitable for framing like some of these. I also kept a photo record of tarot spreads used in the composition of Andromeda Klein, which was a pretty weird thing to do, now that I look back on it (the tarot spreads themselves, I mean, not the photos, because I did use them.) I never used the calendars as a way to plot things out before writing, though; I filled it in as I went along to help remember what went where. Like Raymond Chandler, I guess, I would find a fully mapped out plot too dead to work with -- though I have sometimes been known to pray that someone or something would just send me one.

Posted by Dr. Frank at May 13, 2013 11:49 PM