September 18, 2013

Plaid Last Nite

Well, I'm feeling a little guilty that I forgot my cat's birthday, but I had a show last night and show business is my life. I'll make it up to you G. K. Chesterton, somehow. How about some chicken McNuggets?

I played with Miss Chain and the Broken Heels, who did their own set and then were the backup band for Kepi. Kepi was a wildman as usual. Miss Chain were really great. The needles of Russell Quan's headshake-ometer were jumping well into the red. If they're playing in your town you should go. The flashy facial expression stylings of front-girl Astrid are worth the price of admission alone. They're playing at the Hemlock tonight, if you're in SF.

As for my set, it was my first time playing with a new old guitar that I'm still getting used to so there was a bit of awkwardness, but at least it didn't sound awful like some of my old old guitars have in the past. I wound up playing mostly songs I'd never, or hardly ever, done in public before which added to the stiltedness. I did one of the excavated Love is Dead songs (untitled, but the first line is "so all right I get what you were trying to say to me") and the still in-progress "King Dork Approximately." (I almost attempted "She's a Snowman," too, but it just didn't feel right so I didn't.) I also tried the Kinks' "Life on the Road," which I believe was possibly more fun for me than the audience: probably too long to do in such a setting, and I felt I was losing them a bit after verse 2. "The Grooviest Girl in the World" went over great though. Chickened out again on "O'Brien is Tryin' to Learn to Talk Hawaiian" and "My Girl's Pussy." Maybe next time.

Anyway, go see the Kepi plus Miss Chain experience if you can.

Posted by Dr. Frank at September 18, 2013 04:10 PM