April 28, 2014

Why Don't People Still Think This Way?

If you talk about anything too much, if you spend too much time defining what you do, or telling people that you're free, or being defensive about your freedom obviously you're not free. Any time you have to push things down people's throat ... you know there's a lot of movements, whether it was like beatniks, hippies, women's lib, they're all just new political structures, they're all new dogma. We want to initiate change, but as soon as you structure your change, as soon as you write political order, you write dogma, you're right there with Catholicism, you're right there with Communism. Any time you start stating this, this, and this, rules and regulations, you're no longer liberated. You're just like a new political game, whether it's religious, spiritual, or social...
-- Patti Smith, from this 1976 video, via Dangerous Minds.
Posted by Dr. Frank at April 28, 2014 05:27 PM