September 02, 2014


The Booklist review of King Dork Approximately can be viewed by subscribers only, but you can read it here, and here:

How do you survive high school without succumbing to institutionalized “Normalism”? That is one question asked by self-professed loser Tom Henderson in this long-awaited sequel to cult-favorite King Dork (2006). There are other questions as well: How do you get female attention and increase chances of “ramoning” (having sex)? And what would make a good band name? In the wake of last semester’s scandal, Tom is finishing his sophomore year at a new school that is disturbingly friendly and spirited (“Go Badgers!”) yet still holds girlfriend potential. Unfortunately, life at home isn’t as rosy. Though lacking the mystery of King Dork, this novel’s subtle plot is carried by a voice sharp with humor, sarcasm, and intelligence. Small but important revelations result in Tom’s growth and ability to better navigate the “normal” world. Because the novel is packed with music, book, and movie references, readers’ cultural literacy will get a definite boost. Utterly enjoyable, this book’s culture-meets-romantic-confusion focus makes it a teen take on Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity (1995), and it should hit home with social misfits and “subnormals.””
Posted by Dr. Frank at September 2, 2014 02:53 PM