August 01, 2016

King Dork Approximately the Album


Album artwork (front side) here. Seems like some folks are confused by this whole set up, especially by the fact that I keep talking about an MTX album when the image available heretofore has been of a book written by Frank Portman. I'm here to calm you all down, with this visual aid. No doubt displaying it will cause as much confusion as it clears up, as is so often the case.

Nevertheless, the deal is: this MTX album will be a free download with purchase of the paperback book that comes out on Oct. 4. They are distinct, but related, items, each a "window" into the other, so to speak.

To those who already have the hardcover book (and a heartfelt thanks goes out to you if you are one of them) the way to think of this new edition with album is this: it's an album for $9.99. The physical book is a bonus, but is also analogous to a record jacket you might have purchased with an LP in days of old, with lyrics and artwork as usual, but also with a whole novel crammed inside as well; the record itself is virtual, but if you close your eyes and imagine a spinning disk, and maybe a few pops and skips, you will be able to approximate the meat space album experience. Then, perhaps, open them and gaze lovingly at the cover. Kiss it. Hang it on the wall. Draw the logo on your math book cover. That kind of thing.

That said, there will likely be a vinyl edition at some point in the future, if the backlog at the sole remaining pressing plants in Croatia and Slovenia ever allow for it. (Yes, or the purposes of this post two plants can be "sole".)

Tell your friends. Pre-order here.

Posted by Dr. Frank at August 1, 2016 04:39 PM