September 23, 2016

Links and such

-- longtime friend of MTX Ed Masley says "Cinthya (with a Y)" is one of "15 songs you need to hear right now. I became aware of "Gwladys" by means of P. G. Wodehouse. It all checks out.

-- Sweet blurb from Stereogum, by Tom Breihan who once called King Dork the "best punk rock book ever" (in the Village Voice) a quote I will recycle continually till the end of my days, no doubt.

-- I linked below but here it is again: Paper Mag premiered the "Cinthya" video with a write-up by Alex Scordelis.

-- Here's a long interview I did in a San Francisco cafe with Brian Heater for the RIYL podcast. "In this extra long edition of RiYL, the artist discusses motel laundry, the publishing industry and not being Green day."

-- Chris Fabulous played "Cinthya (with a Y)" on the Weekend Quality podcast. Thanks, Chris.

-- Some of it won't be functional till the Oct. 4 release date, but if you want to see the virtual album art and credits, you can go to the KDATA download page and click "Artwork & Credits".

-- my buddy Jesse Michaels social media'd a really kind mini-review of the album that I'm gonna quote here: "It is possibly their best record yet. pays homage to an encyclopedic array of influences from Rasberries / Big Star -type power pop to the classic Stiff records sound without ever sounding derivative or retro. 3 cheers." If you say nice things about my stuff, I'm gonna link and quote, that's just the way it is.

-- Finally, for now, the news that "Cinthya" is on spotify prompted this lovely sentiment from our own Maria Surfinbird:



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