October 31, 2016

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The track listing for MTX Shards vol. 1 is: King Dork / How I Made a Million in a Punk Rock Band / Sackcloth and Ashes / Whistle Bait / Itching Powder in the Sleeping Bags / Boredom Zone / Fill in the Blank / Unpack Your Adjectives / Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah / Semi-OK / Flying Jelly Attack / As Life Goes on, You Get More and More out of It / Kenny Smokes Cloves / Can't Get There from Here / God Bless America / I Was Losing You All Along

Also here's the description/text of the Sounds Rad Shirts/Shards offer:

Ltd. to 60 Shirts. Pre-orders end Nov. 16th and shirts ship on or about Dec. 4th. ​​

​Prepare to be freaked out this Halloween as MTX and Sounds Rad have decided the resurrect the dead: t-shirts. We will be reissuing classic t-shirt designs in extremely limited quantities. Each design is printed on a high-quality soft looped cotton t-shirt, which is made to comfortable and more importantly, durable.

For November, we will be offering a reissue of the classic MTX Starship design limited to 60 shirts. The $25 t-shirt package will include a 1" pin, 5 x 5" sticker, 11 x 17 poster and a digital download of MTX's "Shards Volume 1" a collection of songs that have been dead and buried for the last 20 years. As an added bonus, if you pre-order the shirt on Oct 31st, you will receive the Shards Vol. 1 collection a day early!

Posted by Dr. Frank at October 31, 2016 08:21 PM