November 22, 2017

I Fell for You

Sometimes a song will come to you almost fully-formed in an instant and it just clicks, and that was pretty much sort of the case with this one. (Though because I'm weird, that only meant agonizing over the lyrics of a couple of lines for ages and ages and chipping at it ad nauseam before it was truly "done.") There is one clunky/awkward line in the last verse that I'd probably change to "'I've got a lot to learn" if I were to go back in time. That aside, it all works, the conceit, the lyrics, the structure, the development, all the melodic, harmonic, and conceptual counterpoints. Some of my best writing, though I say it myself, and the recording has some great energy, too. I used to talk about wishing I could "harness the horses and drive 'em" a little better, and this was a pretty good attempt.

The crazy, cartoonish vid was done by a guy named Gary Smithson and I don't know what to say about it other than I think my original concept was meant to have a lot more "falling." The filming was done in an afternoon at a big shared-tenancy Haight Street Victorian and some of the residents returned before we were done, none too pleased. In the ensuing negotiations, this girl said, "okay where's the singer, I gotta talk to the singer." I sheepishly stumbled up and explained that, you know, it's just this, like, dumb little band. She said, "well, no wonder you're not famous, with an attitude like that. You gotta believe in yourself." We were both right. Then there was an awkward hug, like there always is.

Anyhow, it is what it is, a song is a song, and love is kind of a mysterious game where once you get hurt you start believing more even more...

Posted by Dr. Frank at November 22, 2017 03:13 PM