November 25, 2017

St. Catherine of Alexandria

Image of St. Catherine of Alexandria deleted, viewable here.

... an engel ne com,
wið feorliche afluhte
fleoninde aduneward,
and draf þerto dun riht
as a þunres dune;
and duste hit a swuch dunt,
þæt hit bigon to clateren
al and to cleuen,
to bresten and to breken,
as tah hit were bruchel gleas,
baðe treo and te irn;
and ruten forð, wið swuche rune,
þe stucchen of baðe,
bimong ham as ha stoden
and seten þer abuten,
þæt ter weren i-sleine
of þæt awariede folc
fowr þusend fulle.

Posted by Dr. Frank at November 25, 2017 07:52 PM