June 29, 2005

Good Morning, Rockers

If you can think of a better way to start the day, I'd love to hear it, but I sincerely doubt you could do better than this:

Eurodisco masters Dschinghis Khan performing "The Rocking Son of Dschingis Khan" on a German TV show.

This is arguably even better than the well-known Eurovision entry "Moskau," because of the storyline. The long-haired mustachioed guy steps into the spotlight to portray the titular son of the Mongolian Emperor. Unlike dad, he's not much of a fighter. In fact, he'd rather be a writer. And he spends much of his time in seclusion, quietly studying the work of his idol Ringo Starr. Meanwhile, his father, portrayed by the tall Rasputin-esque dude who is usually the group's frontman, sits on a throne in the back, pointing to this and that, and occasionally standing up, but seeming to withhold his approval of this new, rock and roll-oriented direction of the Khan dynasty.

"Look at me, Daddy," says the rocking son, before demonstrating just what he can do on the drums. The gals are impressed. "Isn't he sweet?"

Finally, dad is won over, and rises from his throne for a few "yeahs," some "rock and rolls" and a final chorus with a hip-swinging dance that brings it all home.


(via WFMU.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at June 29, 2005 05:13 PM | TrackBack

Pretty cool -- sort of a combination of ABBA and Triumph of the Will (except for the decidedly non-Aryan setting, of course).

Posted by: Aaron at June 29, 2005 06:14 PM

I picked up a 45 of Dschingis Khan a few years ago in Norway - it featured the band in sailors outfits on the cover, and the little moustache-sporting guy in his blue and white stripes always struck me as sinister and terrifying.
The 45 came from a radio station which had thrown out a number of old singles, all of which had been distributed by a label called 'Hansa.' While Dschingis Khan was perhaps the most, er, arresting, there were a number of other, equally interesting looking items either in the pile or advertised on the backs of the 45s - including a band of kids called 'the Teens' that still make me think of the Shaggs. I can't find anything about this label/distributor, which is too bad.

How did this appreciation/interest in DK come about, Herr Doktor?

Posted by: marc w. at June 29, 2005 06:49 PM

While this is a great way to start the day, I think I'd like starting the day by hearing that the office I work in has just blown up and I don't have to go in today a little better.

Posted by: Amy 80 at June 29, 2005 07:21 PM

WOW! gosh,glad you're alright. or was that a hopeful wish?

at any rate,i too know a better way to start,and a lot less frightening. had a great experience this morning but it didn't have anything to with such immensly amusing sounding entertainment.

Posted by: JUSTME at June 29, 2005 08:30 PM

You know towards the end, when papa khan hops down from the throne and says:

"oh you're a rocker and a roller, you're a rockin man, and you are my favorite son..."

listen to it again and tell me it doesn't remind you of something off of "...out come the wolves" by rancid.

same with his outfit.

Posted by: fan at June 29, 2005 09:56 PM

(Nodding head)Yes, yes, this rocks!

(Shaking head) No, no don't stop a-rockin!

Posted by: josh at June 30, 2005 02:12 PM

I just watched it again -- it makes me very happy. What are the two guys in black chanting? It sounds like "ooh ahh, ooh ahh, casachug," but I can't really make it out.

Posted by: Aaron at June 30, 2005 10:39 PM
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