August 02, 2016

Another Record Sale, that's what's happening today

UPDATE, 08.03.16: So the Revenge Is Sweets and Alcatrazes are all gone. I still have a small number of Milk Milk Lemonades, and plenty of the others. (I'm not sure, but I strongly suspect that that's the end of the Revenge supply, and possibly of Alcatraz as well. But we'll see about that next time.) I'll keep doing this till the Love Is Dead test pressing auction ends on Tues. Drop me a line if you want anything from the stock that remains and cheers.


Okay ladies and genital men, I'm doing this sale thing again, in the spirit of giving the people what they (kind of) want and also in the spirit of my trying to become temporarily a little less broke, which is more important / difficult.

The headline news item here is, I suppose, that I have no more LK 134 (Love Is Dead). As in, there are no more left in my stock; if anyone else happens to have any, they still have them obviously, but as for the old Lookout stock it is gone gone gone. (Now it is possible that there could be a box of them hidden somewhere that may come to light in the process of some unrelated excavation, like King Tut's tomb. But I wouldn't count on it.) By the way, t here are no more CDs left either. So this album has now joined Our Bodies Our Selves in stock oblivion. RIP weird smiling blue girl.

I wish I had more, but since selling 100% of the stock is a kind of milestone, I've decided to commemorate it by putting a test pressing up on ebay as an adjunct to the usual sale, so that anyone who absolutely must have Love Is Dead on vinyl has one last chance to get it from me. That auction is here if you want to check it out. It's a once in a lifetime chance, or something.

I do have some LK 180 (Revenge Is Sweet) this time around -- possibly/probably the last of those as well; a few LK 232 (Alcatraz), along with the others listed below. Another surprise find was a box of ...and the Women Who Love Them "special addition" CDs, which I thought were long gone. (So you see, it does happen.)

So here's what I've got on hand:

LPs ($20): Alcatraz, Revenge Is Sweet, Milk Milk Lemonade, Making Things with Light, Night Shift

10" ($15): Big Black Bugs

7" ($8): Tapin' Up My Heart, Andromeda Klein, Dr. Frank & the Bye Bye Blackbirds "Even Hitler..." / "Population: Us"

CDs ($10): Night Shift, Making Things with Light, And the Women..., Show Business Is My Life, Alcatraz, Yesterday Rules

CDep: ($9) Miracle of Shame

CDR ($9): The Way Things Sound Like, Eight Little Songs

cassingle ($5): King Dork Approximately / O'Brien Is Trying to Learn to Talk Hawaiian

shirts ($20): Dr. Frank / Kepi Euro-tour (M, S, and Ladies' M only), King Dork Approximately (S, M, L, XL), Sam Hellerman (M only)

All this stuff is new; the LPs are sealed Lookout stock.

The procedure is, drop me a line (at saying what you want, and I'll check availability, calculate the shipping and total, and tell you the amount to paypal to: (Make sure you spell it right.) Include in the paypal order a list of what you're ordering so I don't screw up. And when you do the paypal order, please do it as an order for goods/services and include your address in the order. (Avoiding the fee by making it a gift instead is a nice idea but in fact makes the whole thing more of a hassle, plus the shipping often winds up costing more.)

Please make sure to indicate if you are outside of the US because that obviously affects shipping. (Also, note that Canada is, in fact, outside of the US.)

I'll send these out on a first paid, first served basis, meaning that if there's one copy left and you've inquired about it, but someone else pays first, the payer gets it.

I'm happy to sign anything or whatever. The quantities are limited to whatever I've got in my living room at the moment. When they're gone, they're gone till (possibly) next time.

Posted by Dr. Frank at August 2, 2016 06:23 PM